Body Lean Diet Clinic

The Body Lean Diet Programme is a 10-week programme, during which we assist you by giving you a specific eating programme and exercise guidelines to follow to attain your target weight and ultimately achieve optimum health.

  • Being overweight can increase your risk of heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes and depression.
  • With the Body Lean Diet Programme, we will not only assist you in losing weight, but we can help you to decrease the health risks associated with being overweight.
  • Life is short – make the most of who you are, and what you have.

This programme has 6 key elements that you must follow:

A healthy eating plan, divided into 2 phases which will guide you in making the correct food choices
You have to eat at specific times
You must drink enough water and liquids
You must be active and exercise
You must take supplements daily
You must plan your meals
Speak to one of our consultants for personal guidance regarding The Body Lean Diet and book your appointment!

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